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Family has made some amazing achievements during their career since 1972, they hold the record for consistently attracting the largest audiences for an Australian Christian Band/Artist in history - which has still not been broken (Entertainment Centre, Sydney - 12,000 plus) .

They have had 2 number 1 hits on the secular radio, this has still not been achieved by any other Christian Artist. These songs were "Old Shep" and "This House Runs On Sunshine". Family also had another 6 commercial hits which ranged from 6 to 32 in the secular Top 40 which was also a first for a Christian band/artist in Australia. The first successful single was Hallelujah Day and reached number 6, which was a cover of the
Jackson Five's original version which only achieved number 23.

3. Family held the record for selling collectively the most Records/tapes/CD's of any Christian Artist in Australia and the number of units sold has only recently been beaten (1999-2000) by The News Boys, who are also from Queensland and Rebecca St James who is the niece of one of the members of Family.

4. Family has released 21 albums including compilation albums and 15 singles. These singles were for secular release. The albums were released in the UK and USA as well as Australia and were recorded in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles and Nashville.

5. Family has been the only Christian artist ever to be invited to sing for an Australian Prime Minister, Queensland Premier and Miss Australia Function.

6. Family made front page news in the Queensland Sunday Mail with the releasing of the first record release.

7. Family won a Country Music Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for "This House Runs On Sunshine".

8. Family had their own TV special on the ABC and also on the Channel 7 and 9 networks in Sydney and Brisbane.

9. Family toured the USA twice, Papua New Guinea three times, New Zealand four times along with their numerous Australian Tours.

10. Family toured with Burt Bacharach and signed up on the Channel 7 label, they were the first Christian Group to be signed to a secular record company.

11. Family were the most sought after "Christian Coffee Shop" artist of the 70's and 80's with a record number of gigs/bookings on one weekend was 13. This was back in the days when all the equipment they carried were acoustic guitars and a bass and amplifier.

12. Family appeared on every major TV show in the 70's and 80's, some of which were IMT (In Melbourne Tonight), The Graham Kennedy Show, Showcase, The Bert Newton Show, The Mike Walsh Show, The Today Show, The Ernie Sigley Show, Ernie and Dennis Show, Mike Willessee's Current Affair and In Adelaide Today.
13. In November 2005, Family was awarded the the Yamaha Golden Gospel Award at the Australian Gospel Music Awards.The award is awarded for performers and related music personalities that have contributed significantly the profile, growth and deepening of Gospel Music in Australia.

* Above everything that Family achieved remained the fact that there was absolute pleasure in singing and preaching about the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to thousands of people including many non Christians and have done so for over 30 years.

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