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  1. Family (Volume One)(1973)
  2. The Word Becomes Music (1974)
  3. Postcard To Home (1974)
  4. Family's Favourite Hymns (1974)
  5. The Family Three (1975) U.K release
  6. The Family Tree "One Fire" (1975 ) USA release
  7. The Family Tree "If We Abide" (1975) USA release
  8. Family Volume 5 (1976)
  9. The Best Of Family (1977)
  10. Fine Love (1978)
  11. Fine Love (1978) USA version
  12. Family Sings Scripture Songs (1979) USA release
  13. Key Of Love (1980)
  14. Key Of Love (1980) USA version
  15. The Very Best Of Family (1983)
  16. Family Mini Album (1984)
  17. Tribute To David Truscott (1984)
  18. Anthology (1984)
  19. Family Scripture Songs (1986)
  20. Celebration 20 (1992)
  21. Complete Collection (2003)

"Family" came together as a trio on the 25th of November 1972 where they sang for the first time at Pennant Hills Shopping Centre in Sydney Australia . Prior to this the three boys were involved in other groups in Queensland in a group called "I.R.I.P" which stood for , Ian Ron Ian and Phil and also a group called "Family Friends" which included a fellow named Barry Graham doing main vocals with Ian Phil and Ian basically doing backing vocals . On the occasion of the 25th of November 1972 "I.R.I.P" were supposed to do the gig but Ron did not turn up so Ian , Phil and Ian went on alone and did their first gig together . Some time later Barry Graham joined the trio to become "Family Friends" but this did not last long and Barry left the group under good circumstances and became a minister but unfortunately was killed in a car crash in 1990 just outside of Maryborough .

Gradually the feeling that they could best sing , was when they sang together of their beliefs , forced the boys to come together as one vocal group . From the first moment the unique blending of the three voices in harmony was obvious to all the growing number of friends who dropped by to hear the guys pick up guitars and sing . The two Truscott brothers , Phil and Ian , formerly were members of their own rock and roll band and these influences can be felt in most of the contemporary 'Jesus Songs' performed by 'Family'. The third member Ian Smallbone sang with a number of folk groups prior to the 'Family' formation .

Most of the song writing for 'Family' in the early years was undertaken by Ian Truscott and at least half of the group's performances on stage would be devoted to their original , but strongly commercial , songs from Ian's manuscript .Throughout their prominent years both Ian Truscott and Ian Smallbone are represented as songwriters as well as group singers , Phil also contributed to song writing throughout their careers . In December 1972 they recorded their first single which included Barry Graham , it was called "The Wedding Song" and on side "B" was "Love From A Man , it was the first of about 15 singles that where recorded by "Family" and did not get very far on the charts but the following single was "Hallelujah Day" and went to # 6 in Brisbane , # 22 in Sydney and # 38 in Melbourne on the secular Top 40 charts .

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