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Visions of Adonai Designs

University and College Educators Portfolio Development

BDC: Professional Development Portfolio
The British Computer Society's guide to professional portfolio development.

Developing a Portfolio System in Laboratory Sciences
A proposal outlining the methodology for setting up a portfolio system to assess communication lab skills.

Developing your Teaching Portfolio
Guidelines for developing your portfolio and educator profile for professional development and advancement.

Development of Professional Portfolios
An extensive guide to the development of professional portfolios for Faculty of Education students and faculty.

Portfolio Development Teleconference Series
Regent College offers an instructional teleconference series for Nursing education.

Professional Employment Portfolios
Guide from Ball University for professionals to actively demonstrate their skills by showing samples of their work during interviews.

RSB Student Portfolio Program
Student resources, templates, competencies and links for student portfolio development from the University of Richmond.

Student Development Portfolio Mentor Guide
A Teacher and Mentor guide to help Education students learn to use the Vermont Student Development Portfolio.

Student Portfolio System
Illinois State University's student portfolio system. An excellent example of a web-based system to help guide portfolio development.

Teacher Portfolio Assessment
An article to guide you through the process of preparing an Educator Portfolio by Peter Doolittle.