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Visions of Adonai Designs

University and College Educators New Directions

The Collaborative and Multimedia Interactive Learning Environment (CaMILE) provides a Web-based collaboration tool for learning.

A U.K. based communications and information technology site with materials for Higher Education learning and teaching.

Collaborative Learning and Research Project
Articles, papers, teaching materials related to collaborative learning, shared amongst three West Coast Universities.

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
Papers and presentations from the Spring '92 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.

Cooperative/Collaborative Learning
Offers resources on research, teaching, models, syllabi, activities and groupwork related to cooperative and collaborative learning.

Diversity Web
Universities and colleges working together on Diversity related projects and initiatives to engage the diversity of society in educational settings.

Global Ethics Society
Devoted to a universal foundation for global moral conduct and issues.

Implementing the Seven Principles
Discussion on the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.

Instructional Design
An Historical Perspective on Instructional Design: Is it Time to Exchange Skinner's Teaching Machine for Dewey's Toolbox?

Intuition Network
Collection of resources, articles and interview transcripts from the Thinking Aloud TV series.

Organizational Development and Training
Searchable database on topics related to organizations, leadership, group work, strategies, learning, participation and so on.

Situated Cognition
A dialogue addressing the notion of Situated Cognition and the Culture of Learning.

Society for Values in Higher Education
Resources for moral and intellectual leadership in higher education.

Teaching and Learning
What is your classroom management profile? Focuses on learner centered methods and strategies.

University Secrets
A full text version of the thoughtful and controversial book, "University Secrets: Your guide to surviving a college education".

World Game Institute
An educational organization focused on the critical issues facing global society in the 21st century.