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Visions of Adonai Designs

University and College Educators Critical Thinking

Applying Critical Thinking to Reading
Articles, texts, book and software reviews, online courses on critical thinking.

California Academic Press
These leaders in critical thinking assessment offer assessment tools, tests, resources, and texts.

Collaborative Learning enhances Critical Thinking
Article by Anuradha Gokhale on critical thinking development through collaborative learning.

Critical Thinking Assessment
Competencies, self-assessment quiz, teaching and learning strategies for Critical Thinking.

Critical Thinking across the Curriculum
Applying Bloom's taxonomy when teaching Critical Thinking.

Critical Thinking and Information Use
Ways to assess the analysis, synthesis, and evaluative stages of critical thinking with students.

Critical Thinking University
Offers a library of articles, guidelines, lessons, and events on Critical Thinking and Curriculum.

Critical Thinking - What can it be?
Article on the recognition and cultivation of Critical Thinking.

CRITTHINK-L Discussion List
Website for a discussion list on Teaching Critical Thinking.

Teaching Critical Thinking On-line
Classroom activities for developing Critical Thinking.

The Critical Thinking Community
Richard Paul's site for exploring contemporary use of critical thinking in education.

The Cultivation of Critical Thinking
An on-line article offering tools and techniques to cultivate critical thinking in the classroom.