"Max Yasgur's Farm"

a summary

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August 1969

On August 15th, 16th, and 17th, 1969 approximately 500,000 people converged on a farm in Bethel, New York.

"Max Yasgur's Farm"

Many more couldn't make it. The New York freeways were shutdown. People left their cars where they were and walked the rest of the way. Sometime after the music started the promoters realized this was much bigger than just a concert, and announced it was free from that point on.
People listened to the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, The Grateful Dead, John Sebastian, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Jimi Hendrix. Some people were doing drugs, some people were making love. It didn't really matter what they were doing there, they were all "getting along". It was the largest peaceful gathering of young people up till that time and since that time.
There will never be another Woodstock!

August 1999

Thirty years after Woodstock the world is a different place. Hate crimes are rampant. The nation is subject to the threat of internal terrorism. Kids are killing kids. Man's inhumanity to man is pervasive throughout society. Technology and the computer, long thought to make our lives easier, has also increased the level of stress and decreased the amount of personal contact we have with each other.

Neil was born August 17th, 1969. He is a highly respected computer engineer who resides in Indianapolis. One late night he is virtually stopped in his tracks while jogging by a gnawing question. The question that impacted him so greatly was "What the hell are you doing?"

He doesn't know quite exactly what the question is asking or for that matter where it is coming from. His life seemingly is going well. His career has taken off and he is making a very good income. He owns his own condo and a Mustang convertible. True, just over a year earlier a long time relationship ended when his fiance broke off their engagement. His first priority had always been work and she had a problem with that. But since then he had gotten over that. He was enjoying his independence, even though he hadn't been actively dating anyone. But still he knew something was missing from his life.

Shortly after this incident he was in Jo and Joe's Diner. He had been coming there for many years and the owners were like parents to him. They were always worrying about his health and whether or not he had been getting enough rest. They were hippies from long past, in fact they had met at the original Woodstock Festival. They had made it a habit ever since to attend the Woodstock reunions that occur every year. They would take an old school bus and a group of people with them. This year would be no different especially since it would be the thirtieth anniversary. Their daughter Shauna had been working there for as long as he could remember. A couple times he had even helped her with her high school homework while he was eating his meal. But now she was twenty one, free-spirited and beautiful. A fact that Shauna was determined that Neil would notice.

She is a drama major and headed for Hollywood. She has hidden scars and like Neil she has unanswered questions. Shauna cleverly manipulates a date with Neil. At the end of the date they share a kiss. A kiss that Neil thought shouldn't have happened A kiss that he couldn't forget. In a rare moment of whimsy he agrees to travel with Shauna, her parents, and several others to Max Yasgur's farm. This could be the last chance he will have to get to know Shauna better. The day after they return she leaves for Los Angeles. On the three day trip they encounter several interesting characters and a few adventures. They also discover the answers to their questions. Despite many obstacles, amidst the atmosphere of the thirtieth anniversary celebration they share and express their new found love for each other.

Upon their return Shauna is forced to make a heart breaking decison. If she follows her dream she will undoubtedly lose Neil. A sacrifice she may not be willing to make.

All orignal material - Copyright Dan Bimrose 1998

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