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Welcome to the Midnite Garden!
Often in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep I sit in the dark corner of a dark, often smoky, room writing by the light of a small lamp. Sometimes the perfect word or the perfect sentence escapes me. Leaving me writhing with frustation and a hand full of hair.

It as at these times I visit the Midnite Garden in my mind. It is a beautiful and peaceful spot with brick walks and flower gardens. Ivy climbs a nearby wall and the iron benches are cool to the touch until you take the time to sit down and warm them. Sometimes I sit alone looking inward for some inspiration. At other times I entertain guests which motivate and teach me. The guest list has varied over my many visits. On any one night you can expect to see such legends as Knute Rockne, John Wayne, Bugsy Siegel or the incomparable Papa Hemingway.

Thus the name of my website. You are welcome to browse and hopefully enjoy what you find within the stone walls of the Midnite Garden. Take the time to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of distant music, and witness the incredible sight of "two suns in the sunset".

You may read my much maligned poem of the same title by clicking HERE!

My latest manuscript, Max Yasgur's Farm, takes you along on a journey from Indianapolis to the thirtieth anniversary celebration of the Woodstock Festival in Bethel New York. Neil and Shauna find love and the answers they have been searching for on this long and winding road. You can now read the first chapter on-line by clicking HERE! now!
If you would like to learn more about myself, this manuscript, Woodstock or writing in general click on one of the links below.
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Once again you can now read the first chapter of Max Yasgur's Farm on-line right now! Just click on the image below to begin reading!

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