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Welcome to my Home.

I am honored that you have visited me. Please have patience as this is a work in progress. I hope that you will return again to view what I pray will be great pages of Native American Art and poetry. My poems reflect my belief in Grandfather and my experiences with Life's Lessons. I wish to thank several of my brothers for giving me the courage and faith to post my poetry. I also wish to thank my dear friend and co-author of some of the pages, Durango. You are truly a special person. Wanishi my brothers! I hope you enjoy my poems but please remember they are copyrighted.

Sign From Above

As I watch the leaves dancing
In the gentle breeze
I wonder if anyone else
Sees what I see.

It's not just a tree
Swaying to and fro
But a sign from above
That helps my spirit grow.

It is a gentle reminder
Grandfather created it all
The trees, sun, and clouds
All creatures large and small.

From the delicate hummingbird
To the buffalo on the plains
The songs of the crickets
After a summer's rain.

So when I become cocky
And think I am so strong
One look out the window
Proves I am wrong.

I simply am a person
A mere visitor to this land
One of many creatures
Made by Grandfather's hand.

Cloud Dancing 1998

Please remember Grandfather wove us from the same cloth
Just with different colored threads.

Contine The Dance With Cloud

Created in Friendship with Durango, a True artist.

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