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Cirkulus Computer Private Limited was founded by A. Selvaraj & Rajam in 1992 with the mission to provide high-performance digtizing solutions. DigiLog was the first product, launched in 1994. DigiLog is a Well Log Digitization System aimed at the E&P industry in India. The system was supplied to one of the leading digitizing contracters of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC). The quality of digitization and the productivity of the system was much superior to the other digitization systems that were available at that time. The company has been constantly enchancing the system and DigiLog is today one of the most economical available today.

DigiGraph for DOS was launched in 1996 in response to the demand for an simple digitizing system for graph from the research community. Its tremendous success lead to the introduction of DigiGraph for Windows95. The intuitive digitizing method of DigiGraph coupled with the easy- to-use interface provided by Windows95 has made DigiGraph for Windows95 immensely popular.

Some of the other products of the company :

  • CiRLiS - ASCII to LIS ( Log Information Standard) Converter
  • CiRLAS - ASCII to LAS (Log ASCII Standard) Converter
  • DigiPlot - Well Log Curve Plotter for 9 pin dot-matrix printers


The company is committed to providing accurate, powerful and easy-to-use digitizing solutions.