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Welcome to the DigiGraph Home Page.

DigiGraph is a revolutionary software that makes (x-y) digitizing a simple 3-step process. Using the latest digitization techniques, DigiGraph guarantees high quality and accurate digitization every time. No special hardware is required! You trace the curve with the mouse. All you need to digitize a curve is the scanned image of the curve.

With DigiGraph, your scanner becomes an (x,y) digitizing system.

DigiGraph can be used to digitize:

  • Strip Chart Output
  • Recorder Output
  • Published Graphs
  • Old Graphs and Drawings
  • Instrumental Output
  • Scatter Plots
  • Any hardcopy graph

DigiGraph can convert images to (x,y) data at full scanner resolution. Even the smallest curves can now be digitized without any problem. The digitized (x,y) data is saved in ASCII format and can be imported into almost any commercial plotting or spreadsheet program. The tracing curve is stored as DigiGraph document (DTZ file) for easy retrival and editing.



  • Digitize at full scanner resolution
  • Up to 5000 points per curve
  • Support for linear and log10 axes
  • Plot-Back facility for easy verification
  • Coordinate data viewer to view digitized points
  • Digitized curve can be saved for later editing
  • Simple trace-over editing


System Requirements

  • Pentium-based PC compatible
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 16-bit Graphics Card
  • 5 MB hard disk space
  • Windows 95®



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