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A Biography for the
Barenaked Ladies

Toronto based band Barenaked Ladies were first formed back in 1988 (They have five members Steven Page, Ed Robertson, Tyler Stewart, Jim Creegan and Kevin Hearn). In 1991 they released their independent single "Be my Yoko Ono" sales of this single made Canadian history as the first indie release to go gold. A year later they signed a major deal with Sire/Reprise Records.

Barenaked Ladies debut album "Gordon" was another history making release. It reached Canadian platinum status in just over a week, going on to sell over 800,000 copies in Canada alone. Gordon remained at number 1 in the album charts for eight weeks and in the top ten for over a year. By the end of 1993 Barenaked Ladies had no less than four hit singles ("Enid", "Brian Wilson","What a good boy" and "If I had a $1,000,000")This earned them group of the year at the Jono Awards (Canadas Grammys). Barenaked Ladies were winning over audiences including critics, but they barely had time to notice. Barenaked Ladies performed over 150 shows across North America and Europe the group took a well deserved break and then recorded their second Album "Maybe you should drive". This album was highlighted by the hit singles "Jane" and "Alternative girlfriend" after the MYSD tour Keyboardist Andrew Creegan left the group. The group then started work on a new album Born on a pirate ship for this album they hooked up with Gordon's producer, Michael Phillip Wojewoda. "The Old Apartment" became a monster hit and the single "Shoe Box" was featured in the hit TV show Friends soundtrack.

While on the BOAPS tour the Barenaked Ladies recorder their fourth album "Rock Spectacle". This album captured the live experience of Barenaked Ladies and featured such classics as "If I had a $1,000,000", "Brian Wilson" and "Jane". This is also an Enhanced CD that features some live video clips and some humorous clips of the Ladies. Barenaked Ladies are set to release their fifth album (fourth studio album) In June of 1998.

(Thank You to the Scottish BNL page for this information)

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