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Year of the Monkey

Jan 22, 2004 to
Feb 8, 2005

(Green Wood Monkey, Jai Shen, Chinese Year 4701)

The year of the Monkey ushers in flexible, skillful, fun-loving, and clever energy into our lives. A time to be on our toes, yet bear goodwill to all within our hearts. But, it is also a time to be aware of what is going on around you - some low level people will take this energy and try to deceive the vulnerable and gullible. The monkey becomes ferocious when crossed or deceived - so keep your wits about you! You may well have to move quickly to get out of the way of dangerous or unbalanced individuals: again, protect yourself and walk in wary confidence.

This can be a very productive year for those who are confident about their abilities and are willing to dedicate the energy and time to do a job well. It is not a time to revolt and rebel, although one's inner nature will likely be inclined to do just that! Try to keep your little monkey inside and under wraps, at least in the professional setting. You can let him or her out to play, after hours!

The green wood Monkey can lead to prosperity if you are able to stay focused and on your career path. Look for legal and ethical paths to growth and development. If you walk it in honor, you will see your coffers blossom. Money will flow, opportunities will spring up in the most unexpected places.

This is a great year for socializing, throwing lavish parties, and enjoying oneself during those well-earned vacations. Just make sure to watch your luggage and valuables,...and put away the good china and anything unreplaceable or easily breakable. Things are bound to get a little rowdy when the Monkey King is in a festive mood!

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