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How the Twelve Animal Archetypes Will Fare in the Year of the Wood Monkey

OX - |1901 |1913 |1925 |1937 |1949 |1961 |1973 |1985 | 1997 | 2009 |

Finally - you will begin to feel some peace around you, even though those you come in contact with may seem unbalanced and frenetic. You will be one of the few to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, as long as you take deep breaths and soothe yourself when feelings of anxiety begin to build. You are like the Rock of Gilbraltor, steady, focused and dependable. But don't let yourself be misled by those who would deceive you. If you get a gut feeling about someone, listen to it! You "know" when people are not being truthful or upfront.
TIGER - |1902 |1914 |1926 |1938 |1950 |1962 |1974 |1986 | 1998 | 2010 |

You are going to have to gather all of your regalness around you, to coast through this year! Monkey years put your nerves on edge - you like things to be straight forward and clear cut, something that is hard to find when this mischievious fellow reigns! However, you are a born leader, and if you can keep your own fine thoughts and ideas at the forefront, you can sashay through this year like the majestic creature that you are. You will inspire others with your quick tongue, clear visions and accurate assessment of strengths and weaknesses. To do so, you will need to find a sanctuary where you can regroup on a regular basis. Tigers need to restore their inner vigor by removing themselves from the cacaphony of the Monkey. Do that, and 2004 can be a productive and record year for you, profit wise. If it can be avoided, this is not a year to consider marriage - wait till next year!
RABBIT/CAT - |1903 |1915 |1927 |1939 |1951 |1963 |1975 |1987 | 1999 | 2011 |

The Year of the Monkey is a time for careful ventures for the wary yet sometimes careless Rabbit/cat. This is NOT the year to believe greener pastures lie just over the hill. Instead, look for them in your own backyard! This year, it is important to cultivate a geniune inner sense of peace and contentment - you will need a sturdy, steady center to withstand the erratic Monkey energy. Give thanks for small pleasures, and learn to keep your peaceful state strong and pure. Resist the urge to join in the gossip and backbiting that you will undoubtedly witness as the year progresses. Be true to yourself, and all will unfold the way it should.
DRAGON - |1904 |1916 |1928 |1940 |1952 |1964 |1976 |1988 | 2000 | 2012 |

The majestic Dragon adores the Monkey energy - this is a year for you to shine! You don't mind the high energy of the Monkey, in fact you thrive on the surges of power and spontaneity that comes with it. You will feel strong, empowered and full of intent and will this year - and will see it pay off with amazing results. Take the time to share your wisdom with others in a benevolent way - you can help those who are unsure of themselves this year - you provide an excellent role model of how to work towards success and results. At all costs, avoid arguments and legal battles. Keep it civil and refined.
SNAKE - |1905 |1917 |1929 |1941 |1953 |1965 |1977 |1989 | 2001 | 2013 |

The artistic Snake is in heaven this year - the Monkey shines in love and adoration on the Snake. The energy brings your second wind, giving you those wonderful eurekas that prompt you to create masterpieces, both as art and as life choices. Make sure you keep a journal and pen at your side at all times. You are going to get such a rush of inspiring ideas, that you will have to write them down to be able to make sense out of them. Then, put the good ones into action - you are bound to come out a winner in anything creative you do. This is also an amazing time to collaborate and innovate with others of like mind. Group innovations will attract the attention of the masses. Whatever you do, don't stifle any of that latent artistic expression. Let it all come out in its own beautiful unique way!
HORSE - |1906 |1918 |1930 |1942 |1954 |1966 |1978 |1990 | 2002 | 2014 |

The Monkey Year both excites and frustrates the noble horse. Monkey energy raises your spirits, and makes you feel like running the good race. But be careful! Don't let that rush become a whirlwind of frenzy - you can truly begin to think that you are losing your mind, and your magic touch. Work steadfastly on projects and don't allow yourself to cut corners or let things get lax. The Monkey will pull the rug right from under your feet, leaving you sitting confused, coughing from the dust left as the Monkey rushes off in hysterical laughter. Brush yourself off and resolve to keep your eyes wide open and your wits about you. If you keep yourself centered and true to what you know is right, you will be able to reap the fruits of your hard work, and bring your projects to completion. If you do not, you will find those projects falling through the cracks of confusion, where things will never get quite done, and you will have to begin again - very deflating for the spirited Horse! This is a good year for creative pursuits, so be sure to allow time to nurture your muse. Avoid accidents: take it slow and easy.
GOAT - |1907 |1919 |1931 |1943 |1955 |1967 |1979 |1991 | 2003 | 2015 |

The gentle Goat/Ram is good friends with the Monkey, and if they are able to look at the year philosophically, they will reap many benefits. It is important for you to hang onto your composure and self-esteem, lest you feel like the crowd is trampling right over you, then leaving you behind, bruised and misunderstood. Goats need to feel that they are making the world a better place, and the Monkey does help with that task. Just don't expect the laurels to last forever - in this time of quickness and impulse, people will cheer then move on. Keep it light and be true to your values and integrity. You will then see much success in 2004.
MONKEY - |1908 |1920 |1932 |1944 |1956 |1968 |1980 |1992 | 2004 | 2016 |

In your own Year, you are going to feel some mighty high energy - it is going to make it difficult for you to concentrate and focus. You will feel like traveling the globe - if you can't afford to actually travel, make sure you give yourself some "armchair" excursions, and get to know the local haunts. You are going to have to work very hard to actually get anything done this year. You will get surges to begin some grand new venture but lose steam midway through, if you are not disciplined. This is tough on the carefree monkey, but a necessary step in moving towards success. Be careful during any merry making,..imbibe carefully, and definitely, no getting behind the wheel if you have indulged the party mood a little too much. Too much risk for accidents and setbacks if you are the least bit careless. Tred the path lightly but deliberately and you will have some measure of success. There will be some wonderful episodes of love, joy and true comradry this year. Allow your gentle spirit to feel happiness in the little things, and you will reap much more in 2004.
ROOSTER - |1909 |1921 |1933 |1945 |1957 |1969 |1981 |1993 | 2005 | 2017 |

You operate like a split personality this year. You do, in fact, love the gaiety and impulsiveness of the Monkey energy. Yet, you disdain the frivoltry and superficial air that can also ensue. In order for you to reap success this year, you are going to need to engage in regular self-analysis. Catch yourself when you begin to slip into a cynical mood. Ask yourself why you are feeling unsettled and irked. Then take some deep breaths and let it go. Write down what you need to do. Although you love to party, it is not the be all and end all for you. At the end of the day, you too want to feel like you accomplished something. So make careful plans and stick to them. Leave the revelry till the weekend, then indulge that need to let loose in a wise and balanced way.
DOG - |1910 |1922 |1934 |1946 |1958 |1970 |1982 |1994 | 2006 | 2018 |

The dedicated and loyal Dog is going to feel quite tested this year. The Monkey energy stirs you up, making you want to charge like Sir Galahad at anyone who acts in a brash and uncaring way. Better to resist that temptation though, you are more apt to stir up a lot of friction and ill will and lead to a battle, even a war. You have a heart of gold - turn it to more productive avenues. Help those less fortunate, share your warm and wise philosophy with other good folk. Avoid falling into arguments with others - they will only start to think you are too self righteous and begin to avoid you like the plague. It is important to keep it light and gentile this year. Something you can do very easily as long as you can step down off the soap box.
PIG - |1911 |1923 |1935 |1947 |1959 |1971 |1983 |1995 | 2007 | 2019 |

The Monkey energy brings magic and reward to the gentle Pig. Love will flourish from many different sources. Your wonderful soul will reap karmic benefits during this year. You are the one archetype that can bring blessings and growth to all around you during the year of the Monkey. Allow your gentle light to shine on all those around you. Share your inner wisdom and gentle knowing and help ease the feverish energy of this time. You are the peacemaker personified: fully equipped to help to quiet the frenzy and restlessness in all who cross your path.
RAT - |1900 |1912 |1924 |1936 |1948 |1960 |1972 |1984 | 1996 | 2008 |

You are in your element this year. You love the magical undercurrents of the Monkey energy and find luck at every corner, both good and bad. You can reap many benefits as long as you tune in to what is happening around you. Know when enough is enough, especially when it comes to having a good time. Imbibe in moderation - in fact, moderation should be your motto during the Year of the Monkey. Moderation and goodwill to all beings will help you glide through this year with flying colors. This can be an excellent year for love, even marriage for the Rat. Make sure their heart is true though!

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