That Stinks

Dec 7-22, 1997

Once upon a time, there was a granddaughter, the daughter of an adoptee. This little girl stomped into her mother's presence one day and demanded, as only an 8-year CAN, "Do you mean to tell me that I have a grandmother out there some where who doesn't even KNOW I'm ALIVE??"

The mother had just begun to search for her birth family, and had discussed it with her children. In an effort to be honest, and having been caught totally off-guard, the mother responded, "Yes, Dear, that's about the size of it!"

Stomping off again, the daughter could be heard to mutter, "Well, THAT stinks!"

HINT: Adoption doesn't "just" affect the parent/child relationship. Not only is the adoptee separated from his/her grandparents, aunts/uncles, neices/nephews, and siblings, but the adoptee's children and grandchildren lose those people, too.

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