About Anomia

"Anomia" is Latin and means "without a name" or "unnamed", which is pretty accurate as far as I can tell...After all, "Baby Girl" is a description, not a name! And "bogus" means "counterfeit, spurious, a sham", and THAT is definitely more realistic that the name Bower under which I was originally registered.

I tell people my address is "1313 Locked File Drawer" because I am twice adopted and both files are sealed to me even though the second one happened when I was 17 years old and had to consent to the adoption myself!

I list my hometown as "Anonymity City" because, like many adopted persons, I am cut off from ever knowing my heritage. After 15 years of extensive, fruitless search on my own and through the adoption reform movement, I finally turned my search over to the agency which originally handled my adoption. Within weeks they informed me that my birth mother had refused my request for contact.

I've lived in various states: Depression, Frustration, Rage, and Acceptance. Each had its own particular appeal, but none suits me so well as the State of Grace I've moved to in order to be near my True Father.

About Anomia's Alter Ego

Anomia's alter ego is Cheri Freeman. She is married to a fellow adoptee who is one of 10 children removed from his family of birth and placed in 10 separate adoptive homes. They've been married for 31+ years and have two biological children and several others who have been incorporated into the family in various ways. They have 7 grandchildren, so far, including 6 boys and 1 girl, but one of each is expected in August of 2000.

Cheri has worked for the past 14 years as the Co-Director of the Indiana Adoption Coalition and people in finding Confidential Intermediaries in Indiana. .

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