January 30 - February 24, 2000

Once upon a time, there was a sculptor, whose work was being exhibited in a large gallery in a large metropolitan area. No expense had been spared for the gala for the opening night, and leaders of business and politics as well as the arts had been invited.

The people loved the exhibit! They ooohed and aaahed over every piece, remarking on this one’s grace, that one’s power. But without a doubt, the hit of the show was a full-size sculpture of an African elephant. It was HUGE, yet perfect in every detail. One actually felt that the animal itself was standing in the room, some commenting that the only thing missing was the smell.

At an appropriate point in the evening, the master of the gallery called everyone together and formally introduced the sculptor. The guests applauded wildly, and shouted their comments and questions. Quieting the audience down, the artist stepped forward to express his appreciation of their approval. Being a shy and rather quiet man, the audience listened carefully to him. One woman asked, “How DID you make the elephant SO life-like?” He modestly replied, “The hard part was in finding the right piece to work with. Once I found IT, I just knocked off everything that didn’t look like an elephant.”

HINT: Many of us ask “Why?” concerning our adoptive experiences...Why did I get pregnant NOW? Why *can’t* we get pregnant? Why was I given up by my mother? Why is THIS *my* life?

As a Christian, I have the comfort of knowing that Christ is constantly at work in me to conform me to His image. Perhaps the blows of life are nothing more than His “knocking off what doesn’t look like” Him.

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