Oops! A Fairy Tale

July 20-27

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young woman who was sweet-natured, intelligent, obedient, and pure. She was dating a young man who noble, strong and decent. One day, the young woman awoke with a zit on her nose and suffered diminished self-esteem. That very day, her young man was berated by his boss in front of a fellow employee, and he, too, suffered a blow to his ego. That evening, at dinner, they had wine, and later, they had sex. Oops! That wasnít supposed to happen!

Later, after promising each other it would NEVER happen again until they were legally married, they kissed good night. On his way home, the young man ran off the road, into a tree, and was killed instantly. Oops, that wasnít supposed to happen either!

After weeks of grieving, the young woman realized she hadnít had a period for a long time. Remembering their last night together, she blushed, but rejoiced to know that in some small way their love lived on! As the months flew by, she made plans to raise this child with all the love she was capable of giving it. She took Lamaze classes and prepared for the delivery. On her due date, the labor pains began and after only 6 hours, she delivered a perfect, healthy baby girl. However, she began to hemorrhage uncontrollably and died 47 minutes later. Oops! That wasnít supposed to happen!

In the delivery room that day as a nurse was another young woman. She was beautiful, intelligent, married, and barren. (Oops! Thatís not supposed to happen!) Her husband was kind and loving and told her that he loved her just the way she was even though it had always been his dream to father a child. When the babyís mother knew that she was dying, she asked the nurse to take care of her child because she could see that the woman would make a fine mother. Since it was the motherís dying wish, made in the presence of a doctor and another nurse, the authorities agreed that it was only right that the baby become the daughter of the nurse and her loving husband.

As the baby grew up, the new parents told her stories of how much her other mother and father loved each other, and how the mother had made plans for her. They did everything they could to see to it that the child grew up with all the benefits of two loving parents. When she was all grown up, the child was so happy to have been adopted that she never asked a single question about her birth family. She went through life with grace and peace, content that all things that touched her life were perfect.

HINT: This is a fairy tale, beginning to end!

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