Big Ol’ Blob

March 3-April 4, 1999

Once upon a time, there was a big ol’ blob. This blob had no shape of its own. It just took up whatever space it could in whatever circumstances it found itself. If it was in a round cup, it was cylindrical. If it was in a box, it became cubic. It conformed to whatever surface it came in contact with, and assumed whatever shape was necessary. If something intruded into the space the blob was occupying, it adapted.

One day, the blob found itself in a very uncomfortable arrangement. It was spread very thinly over a vast surface upon which awkward shapes intruded, causing many areas of unconnectedness within itself. The blob longed to be cohesive and unified, but didn’t have the strength to overcome the obstacles. It wished to be a consistent shape, but was molecularly incapable of maintaining one. In despair, it desired obliteration.

Hint: Many adoptees feel like the blob, without boundaries and despairing. Each new person or thing in their environment causes them to be reshaped until they hardly recognize themselves, and fear total dissolution. Carried to an extreme, “blob adoptees” become life’s victims, never able to pull themselves together, and always in a state of flux. These are people to whom things happen--they never assert the force necessary to influence the events of which they are a part.

Adoptee, however, are not “blobs” but human beings. They have rights and innate value. When they discover and accept this about themselves, they can begin the long process of assuming form and force.

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