In Another Mirror

November 7, 1998

Once upon a time there were two individuals looking into mirrors.

The first was amazed each day at how crowded his mirror was each morning! When first seeing his reflection each day, he also saw the images of his father and grandfather. As he washed his face, he saw his maternal grandfatherís forehead. In the width of his nose he saw his paternal grandmotherís brother. In the color of his eyes, he saw his older brother. His lips reflected his motherís smile to him, but as he brushed his teeth, he saw her mother. As he shaved the deep cleft in his chin, he was reminded of his uncle. The hair he brushed was colored like his younger sisterís but the hairline was definitely their dadís. His neck and shoulders were much like his dadís youngest brother, but he got his height from his momís oldest brother.

In another mirror, an adoptee stood, seeing only herself. HINT: Adoption can be a lonely experience.

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