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Jungle Giraffe
Okapia johnstoni

To me, the okapi is one of the most fascinating creatures ever. It was descovered deer in Zaire's forest named Ituri in 1901! It has an unusual coat color varying from deep brown to a purple maroon color and stripes on it's legs that make it look like a baseball player(at leat that is what I think). From what I already know about these mammals are that they are on average 7 ft tall and being a cousin of the giraffe, the only cousin it is one of the tallest ungulates (hooved animals) known today. These creatures are not gregacious, but solitary, also an unusual fact for an animal who is most likely thought of to be prey. You usually only see mom and baby together or "husband and wife" around the mating season.

If you're dying for more information check this out.
Or stare at it's beauty.

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