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Hair Products


Welcome to The hair product store. It is run by me, Heather, and I feel I am a reliable source to buy from.
First off, I'll tell you what I specialize in;I make ponyfalls and hair pieces. I create custome maid products meaning, you tell me what colors (it should be three or less, there's a .50 charge after that.), what style (as in dreads, braids, loose, twists, or mixed up.)and length.

Although I just started this up, I hope to have a customer gallery, I may put auctions up. I highly suggest you look at my policies before you buy

Buying information

After you have decided what you would like for your hairpiece/ fall, you may e-mail me :, and fill out these questions:

1. What Colors
2. What style
3. Length
4. single or pair (ponytail or pig tails)
5.If dreads, what is the count.
6. Method of payment


The pricing isn't too bad. I'll be honest with you, at the shop that I buy the hair the average cost to by 3 different colors for a pair of pony falls is about $20.00. On that note, because that is the maximum price, I will charge $24.00 for a hair piece/ fall with the intentions shipping is included into the price, ( so, mathematically: the hair piece/fall is $20.00 + $4.00[shipping]= $24.00, the total cost for 3 colors and a pair.) Now here is a full list of my pricing:

1. 3 colors single fall of (fill in style): $12.00
2. 3 colors for a pair of (fill in style): $24.00

Also we have a wide selection of of hair so, you may check that out.

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