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The Hoary Marmot

Marmota Caligata
The hoary marmot is a beautiful rodent, resembling a porcupine and a ground squirrel almost.

This marmot is a terrestrial being(meaning it stays on land; doesn't climb trees, nests in dens..etc)and has a strident voice. Because of this voice it is hunted and it's fur is sold.

cause this is a humans excuse to everything that annoys us.

The Marmots food ranges to only green plants and sometimes does damage to crops.
The reproduction habits of the marmots are having a mature sexuality after one year old. they do hybernate and when they come out of hybernation mating season begins. They're young are in litters of four to five.
The habitat is to live in the high Northern American mountains, also passing into Canada.

Take a look at the pictures of this animals. It has some pretty colors and a cute little face. Rodents have always given me satisfaction in nature, they are not limited to rats and mice, infact any animal that you can think of that has buck teeth, used for knawing is a rodents. So there are a lot of cute critters roaming around.
Reference:McKay, Dr. Geoge, Mammals.Sanfransisco CA: Fog city press, 1999.

The hoary Marmot in its natural habitat.

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