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Hippopotamus amphibius

The hippopotamus lives in Egypt, mainly along the nile river. It will spend most of its day submerged into water, although at night, a hippo will be on land grazing. Because of its body weight, a hippo can walk on the bottom of rivers and also stay down under water for nearly 30 minutes.
A hippo is a herding animals and groups as large as 100 can flock together. Both sexes are extremely aggressive and according to the untimate ungulate fact sheet, depending on where and who you talk to, hippos cause the mosts deaths due to their aggressive behavior. Males defend their territory, and females become aggressive when young are around.
My comments on this animal are remarkable. I feel it is a beautiful animal and serves great ecological benefits. I love watching hippos in the wild because they are so much different from the rest of the ungulate family.

To find out more facts about the hippopotamus go Here or Stare at its beauty.

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