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Sweet Kevin

Kevin is like a beautiful spring flower
Just waiting to blossom and bloom
His spirit is like a guardian angel
Who can always instanyly fill a room.

His smile is like a dove i see in Spring
And his laugh will always get me to smile
When we talk online, it's then I feel so safe
All the time we spend together is worthwhile.

His words are always so comforting to listen to
When I am feeling alone, or even when Iím stressed
He's an honest, wonderful, comforting, loving man
He's a sweetheart that I love, and really the best.

Every minute I have with him each time we talk
I feel at peace and love him with all my heart
His love is like the sunrise in a peaceful morning
That's unconditional love I've known from the start.

Our hearts ar always blending together like ingredients
Sometimes the distance seems longer with each passing day
But he's my guardian angel from our Father up above
And he's always with me, always in more than one way.