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Man's Best Friend

Itís already been over a year
And my heart has yet to heal
We were always best friends
I donít want to it to seem real.

Yesterday afternoon I laid down
And I saw you playing in Heaven
What I wouldnít give to have you
And to see my best friend again.

You and I first met in my childhood
When I was only just ten years old
You had a hug that I always loved
And not to mention a heart of gold.

My heart is constantly reminding me
Of all the fun times we have shared
About when I needed you the most
And without fail, you would be there.

A dog is known as a manís best friend
And that never is an unsolved mystery
My heartís always seems convincing
My best friend was always my Charley.

Even though your kidneys failed one day
I know that you and I will meet once again
You were there when everyone turned away
And youíll always remain my first best friend.