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Loss Of Friends

If once I sent a smile your way
I thought that you were a friend
But now Iíve felt the heartache
And wonít look your way again.

People have walked out of my life
No sooner than after I will say hello
They let me trust them and confide
But then decide that itís time to go.

Sometimes I come to blame myself
As if it was something I did wrong
Itís hard to trust people and confide
When they stay in my life that long.

Iíve come to know it could be shyness
And I have come to make it on my own
I believe if it wasnít for my friends online
My life would be lonley, and Iíd be alone.

They donít judge me on my appearance
But have come to love me for being me
Itís friends like that I have come to trust
They are almost like my second family.

So in closing, I owe them a loving thank you
Because I know in my heart that they care
And if I shouldnít have any friends in reality
I know my other family will always be there.