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I've Never Seen My Country

I've never seen the Grand Canyon
Or walked on the beaches of Maine
I've never been on a luxery cruise
Or rode cross country on a train.

I'm twenty-one years old this year
And I haven't seen my country at all
I've never seen the Statue of Liberty
Or the World Trade Centers stand tall.

I've never stood inside the White House
Or have witnessed soldiers going to war
I've never understood all of my freedoms
Or have watched all of my dreams soar.

I'm watching the news on my television
And they're reporting on Afghanistan
We've bombed terrorist training camps
For many reasons I could understand.

All of the treasures America cherishes
Are some of the most beautiful known
Today we stand and defend our freedom
Defending our freedom that's our own.

Even though I haven't seen the US of A
I'm quite proud to call America my home
Terrorists may try to destroy America
But in the end, terrorists stand alone.