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I've Changed

There are people who say I've got a great smile
But sadly, that smile has gone and faded away
I don't know if it'll come back now or after awhile
But I'm certainly hoping that it will return someday.

Things have happened to me that have me real sad
Though things have happened I can't really describe
Things have happened and are gone that I once had
But my heart's still ticking away, and I am still alive.

Fights with friends, along with work and school
They are really starting to bring my spirit down
Sometimes it's hard, but I got to follow the rules
But there are painful things that I have found.

I am coming to the end of the tunnel, seeing the light
And I'm happy for all my friends that God has blessed
They've been wonderful, they've stuck to me real tight
Even when God wasn't allowing me to get much rest.

I am a twenty-year-old girl from a small Illinois town
And depression it seems can easily sink in with me
It's nice to have so many people that care around
And I am blessed with all of my wonderful family.

Thank you, Lord, for helping me through my pain
I think I might just make it after all because of you
I saw your bright rainbow after in my heart it rained
And my guardian angel has given me strength, too

I'm ending this poem, because I have to go to my class
But thanks everybody for being there and being my friend
I know that I will make it, our friendship I hope will last
Because I hope I have great friends like you in the end.