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The New Baby

There is an angel on their way
Who will soon meet their family
Januray, 10, 2001 is the special day
As we all welcome the new baby

Their parents are getting anxious
This is a gift from God above
And I'm sure my sister and Dan
Have already given him a lot of love.

This is the first child that they'll have
And how beautiful the child will be
They will have two loving parents
And an even more loving family.

Although I do not know the names yet
That Sarah and Dan really like the most
The baby, I know, will have a great name
And to their family always remain close

As we welcome this brand new baby
We'll be there on their special day
I will love my new niece or nephew
And spoil them in every possible way.

They are a wonderful gift from God
And Sarah and Dan are very lucky
So I will love you very much new baby
And I welcome you to a loving family.