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Daddy's House

I've already played with all the trucks in my toybox
And with my bucket of blocks I have built a house
I have already made quite a mess with my fingerpaints
And I was really almost just as quiet as a little mouse.

There's been nothing but down-pour rain all morning
And my daddy will soon be due to arriving here.
I am going to spend the entire weekend at his house
And I really expecting nothing else but a heart full of fear.

Daddy has a girlfriend he sees almost everyday
And daddy said Emily Marie Thompson is her name
But it seems like whenever I go to visit my daddy
My heart is just nothing but a hundred percent shame.

My daddy and Emily Marie are always fighting it seems like
It seems like they can just never seem to ever get along
But it seems like whenever I have to go to visit my daddy
It seems like I most always seem to do something wrong.

Daddy will always seem to hit me for some reason or other
And most always some bruises are more difficult to overcome
It seems like everytime that my daddy would go and beat me
I would just suddenly, for some reason, feel really dumb.

I love to stay with my mommy a whole lot more because she's nice
And when it comes to my mommy, about me she really does care
She doesn't hit, she loves and always takes great care of me
And my mommy, whenever I need her, always seems to be there.