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Certainally Missed

Her grandmother was always special
And helped her through her tragedies
She was there when Larry had died
And helped her take care of her family.

When he was still alive, but quite ill
Her grandmother watched her children
While she took Larry to the hospital
And prepared for the bad news again.

Her hands were shaky the last time
She knew that something was wrong
The doctor came delivering the news
She could see him, but not for long.

The heart moniter was on, she was scared
"Larry, I love you so much," she said
She held her husband's hand so softly
He answered, "I think we better plan ahead."

His family had a history of heart disease
And for three months he was doing great
He was shoveling snow and his heart gave
And Kathy realized that it was too late.

The funeral was quite emotional for Kathy
Bending in the coffin, she gave Larry a kiss
Only thirty-three years old and he was gone
He was certainally someone that'd be missed.