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Chicago Land Air-cooled Network (CLAN)

Here are some great Volkswagen links. Most, if not all, are about air-cooled V-dubs.

SEARCH Time zones: "Jabbarwocky"

Restoration links

buy my car

ugly cars-

guys with beetle in CHicago

pricing guide

knights's foreign auto parts

Lybarger Racing Enterprises -racing in Illinois

Sales, service, appraisals, parts in Libertyville, 35 miles away

classified links

a webring to join

another webring

Vee Dub Books

Bus info, plus


BFY part

bus parts


vw mag online

ebay fraud reporting

ghia page


search here, yellowpages

car transport

vw birth certificate

vw birth certificate

pim van loon

pim van loon, email

racing in Illinois

Cheap VWs in Seattle

CLASSICVWS, name says it all, lots of links

Check out "restoration" category and let me know if it has value

lots of links

psychedelic sixties reviver/deadhead & WEB HELP


parts in FL

part-y animal in RI

gex international, engines and stuff

webfoot classifieds

general in NJ

search Engine for Vdubs

more classifieds

virtual museum

kymco, as seen in the magazines

"My Mechanic: Ilyas Imports Inc 3360 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659 (773) 588-2774 "

resto links

general resto in ohio

Ilyas Imports Inc 3360 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL (773) 588-2774

work on bugs in CA
resto in Rochester, NY">
      resto in LA-dead link
general resto, Vermont
general resto NJ vintageautowerks Resto in Wisc. VW?
resto in redwood city, ca resto near Chicago resto Iowa
resto in lynnwood, Washington resto in wyndmoor pa Deters Restorations 6205 Swiss Garden Rd Temperance, MI 48182-1020 734-847-1820 Michigan
links, general resto resto in Cali-MESSIAH resto in oregon
chrome plating a good resto company in Louisiana general resto in Wisc
Classic Auto Mall-Resto Shops CA Resto arkansas resto
looking for resto in IL resto in CA resto in Californeye yay
do it yourself tips resto in Michigan BLANK
resto advice restoration in Minnesota organize your restoration *software*
vw resto -Kochs- in LA gas tank repair vw restoration in California
resto ? resto/parts in CAlif Restore your VW, don't spend a Fortune
resto webring repair/resto tips illinois
resto in PA resto info, misc

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