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Veganism and Recipes

IMPORTANT: click here to sign a petition about veganizing Amy's frozen foods!!!!

If you know me, or have seen me on a messageboard or chat room somewhere you might know that i am vegan. Since most people dont know what vegan is, here is an explanation.

Veganism is all about respecting animal life. I see it more as a lifestyle than a diet. In respecting animal life, vegans do not use any animal products. This includes, but is not limited to eating meats, dairy products, eggs, honey, or anything else that contains animal derivatives. Vegans also eliminate leather, silk, pearls, feathers, and fur from their wardrobes.

I have been vegan for about a year, and in that time i have collected many recipes. Eventually, i hope to post them all here to share them with everyone, and hopefully you will want to share your recipes with me. For those of you who attend Vegan Dinners with me, live in South Florida, or happen to be visiting the South Beach area, theres a treat for you at the end. (its above the webring banners.)

if you want to become vegan, or are considering vegetarianism, take the VegPledge! Free starter kits. Click the banner for more info.

If you have any questions/comments, or would like me to add a link to your vegan page, email me!

pyra's vegan stories.. click here!!

still not convinced? read why milk does NOT do a body good (click the underlined text)

or continue to read the following about life on the factory farm....

"On factory farms, hens bred for their eggs live with up to 5 others on floor space the size of a record album cover, squeezed inside tiny, crowded, indoor wire cages. Forced up against the cage bars, they lose feathers and their skin becomes raw and bloody.

Excrement from the cages above falls through the mesh onto the birds below. Some of the hens get their feet stuck in the wire floors, making it impossible for them to move, so they die inches from food and water. Because their cages are so tiny and crowded, the chickens are barely able to move. They strike out in frustration, pecking at the only thing available: each other.

Cannibalized chickens mean lower profits, so factory workers simply slice off chicks' beaks with a hot blade, sometimes taking part of their tongues or faces with it. The procedure--which requires cutting through tender tissue similar to the flesh under human fingernails--is so painful some chicks die of shock. And although the filthy conditions in these battery houses result in widespread disease, hens are given no veterinary care: ill birds are simply thrown onto "dead piles."

Others die of osteoporosis, from going months without exercise and constantly losing calcium to produce egg shells. Since the birds are genetically manipulated to churn out huge numbers of large eggs day after day, a small hen can push out her uterus, leading to painful infection and death.

Male chicks born in the egg industry are considered merely a wasteful byproduct. Since they can't produce eggs and can't be raised for meat because they have been bred to be smaller than is suitable for "broiler" chickens, newly-hatched males are thrown into garbage bags, to suffocate or be crushed to death.

As for cows, factory farms treat mother cows as nothing more than milk machines. They are chained by their necks in concrete stalls for months at a time. They are kept pregnant to keep milk production high; their female calves are added to the dairy herd or slaughtered for the rennet in their stomachs (used to make commercial cheese), and their male calves are taken away at one or two days old and chained inside tiny dark crates to be killed for veal. The milk nature meant for them end up on our supermarket shelves instead.

Bovine growth hormone (BGH), used to boost milk production ever further, creates udders so large that they often chafe the cow's legs as she shifts her weight from foot to foot on the concrete stall floor, trying in vain to get comfortable. Sometimes it swells a cow's udders so much that she steps on them.

It's easy and healthy to cut out milk and eggs! I urge you to try it!" -Alison Green Vegan Recipe Archive

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Here are some great vegan websites

Ok, heres the surprise... its a review of The Naked Earth Cafe in South Beach!! I know many of you on the list have asked about it. I wrote about it for my school's newspaper (and by the time you go visit, a copy of this very same story may be hanging on the wall!! ohh i feel special now!!!) so i decided to put it up. Click anywhere in this text area

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