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Moongate: Portal To My Soul

In the ancient Chinese culture, a formal garden was often bordered by a special archway that led from one part of the garden to another and was often called, romantically, the moongate. Lovers would pass through the moongate to retain strength and passion of their love. Pass beneath my moongate now, join me in the gardens beyond the archway. I have carefully cultivated each plot with a myriad of emotions. Enjoy the hues as you stroll along the path. Occasionally take a chance, and wander away from the normal course of life, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Just a reminder, I am very new at web publishing, and cursed with the desire for total perfection! Please visit often, because I'm bound to constantly be making changes!
Many of my graphics came from Full Moon Graphics, a free site. Visit and see for yourself how great it is!! Miss Kitty is one talented lady!

This site last updated on October 13, 1999

The midi files used on my page may be heard with Crescendo, if you want to hear the music. Don't have Crescendo? Click on the link above to get the free version!

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