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The Original




Mini Xpens Designed with the Toy Dog in Mind

The "Versatile" Alternative

Lightweight and ideal for dog shows, motels, air travel & puppies.

Our standard mini xpens are made of 1 x 2 inch black vinyl coated
galvanized wire, and are available with 8 panels, 18 inches wide,
in heights of 18, 20, or 24 inches.
They come complete, with a choice of bright blue top panel trim,
a carry handle & closure snaps.
They are priced at $60.00, $64.00, and $68.00.
Our Deluxe 10 panel xpens, available in the above sizes,
are priced at $70.00, $74.00 and $78.00.
Shipping and handling is $17.00 in the Continental U.S. Call for pricing to other areas.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

I am happy to introduce to you a very good friend of mine, Roxanne Collins.
Roxanne will be taking over the building and shipping of "Cottonlite Mini Xpens".
Roxanne understands what toy people want in products,
as she is a breeder and exhibitor of Pomeranians, herself.
Roxanne has my blessings, and I assure you she will keep the quality tradition
of "Cottonlite Mini Xpens" in good stead.

Send all further inquiries to:

Roxanne Collins
Cottonlite Mini Xpens
6405 W. 650 N
Fair Oaks, IN      47943
Phone:   219-866-4464         Fax: 219-866-4463
EMAIL Cottonlite Mini X-Pens

For a order form click HERE

Please visit our new website at: Cottonlite Mini Xpens

We are now doing, for a limited time, an 18 inch puppy pen, 8 or 10 panel.
It is made the same way as our other quality x-pens only this wire is lighter, has 1 by 1 inch square spacing instead of the 1 by 2 as on our regular pens.

These pens are priced at $70.00 for the 8 panel, $80.00 for the 10 panel.
(this wire is much more costly due to closer spacing.)

Special order pens also still available upon request, and priced accordingly.

We Now accept Visa/Mastercard and Pay Pal as well as money orders and personal checks (with 7-10 period for check clearing)

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