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Kissami Kreations

Welcome to Kissami Kreations/Creative Concepts.
I hope you enjoy your visit and choose to come back soon.

Here you will find items useful or enjoyed by the toy breed and their fanciers.

Any suggestions you have will be helpful in our efforts to help you!

We have

Crate Toppers

Training Box

Crate Pads, Beds n More

Wooden Breed Crafts


We also manufacture the Original Cottonlite Mini Xpens "The Versatile Alternative"
We thank Linda Mulso for allowing us to take over for her and keep this fine product on the dog show scene.
Althought it isn't just used for dog shows anymore. We do accept credit cards for the x-pens.
Please visit our own home on the web for these fantastic pens.


We are not a business, it is just a hobby we like to do.
So for the time being, only checks or money orders are accepted.
Crate Toppers, Train Boxes, and Wood crafts are a made to order basis, so you can expect your item 4-6 weeks after receipt of order/payment.

Portion of proceeds go to help Pomeranian Rescue,
either independant or thru Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana

To read a few of the testimonials/comments from the people who have either purchased The Crate Topper, or won it, or it was given as a gift, please go to Testimonials

We hope to have many more features added soon.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.
Please come back and visit again!

Again please pardon the mess, as we are still under construction.

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