Grace's SVH Senior Year
Grace's SVH Senior Year

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Welcome to Grace's SVH Senior Year! This is Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield's Senior Year! New Friends, New Loves, & New Adventures! Be sure to e-mail me! I love receiving e-mail and unlike other webmaster's I'll respond to any e-mail I get! Remember to visit my Jr High, SVU, SVH, & Light, Camera, Action Page!
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On Book Stands July 11, 2000

Conner's not happy.

His friends are freaked out about the way he handles his life and are trying to help him. But Conner's not interested in what his friends have to say.

He can handle things, just like he always has.

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May 20, 2000: My Summaries for Three Guys and a Girl & Back Stabber are up Check them Out!

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