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Short Stories

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Angel Of Death
By Susanna Betzel - 2,033 Words (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
“What led one man to devote himself to the French Revolution, to a cause that would devour him?”

The Battlefield
By Alex Gough - 2,632 Words (February, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 2)
“A young boy has his illusions of the glory of battle shattered by his experience of a Roman civil war.”

Bess’s Story
By Victoria Prescott - 2,017 Words (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
“A young wife keeps her household running while awaiting news of the Spanish fleet as it sails up the English Channel.”

Bird Life
By Colin Roberts - 5,381 Words (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
“When the man appeared, hanging in the air as before, he seemed completely solid, three dimensional. I screwed my eyes half closed, concentrated hard, and finally brought him to life . . .”

The Blind
By Jesse F. Knight - 3,130 Words (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
“What can a teacher of esoteric languges do to help the bleak American cause during the Revolutionary War? As it turns out, a lot!”

Blind Fate
By Laura Abbott - 6,284 Words (March, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 3)
“For an ex-Confederate officer, life in post-Civil War Virginia takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of two strangers from the North.”

Blood Brothers
By Trace Edward Zaber - 4,430 Words (January, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 1)
“There was a time in our history when a man’s honor meant more than his life.”

Blue Waves, White Shores
By K. G. McAbee - 1,794 Words (Spring, 2000 : Vol. 3, Number 1)
“A groan came from the slack mouth of the unconscious form sprawled at their feet. Eyelids blinked rapidly for a few moments, as the omnipresent grains of sand mingled with the natural secretions of the orbs and were washed away. A few more moments of blinking, another groan or two--Really, thought Wisteria as she impatiently tapped her minuscule foot, I could have recovered from three faints and a fit of the vapors by now!--and their visitor opened his aforementioned azure orbs.”

The Boudiccan Revolt Against Rome : A Story of the Struggle For Freedom
By Lloyd Michael Lohr - 3,236 Words (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
“In the waning days of the Celtic world, there stood a warrior queen, defiant and proud.”

By Any Other Name
By Barbara Smith - 3,493 Words (November, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 5)
“The scream echoed through the forest...”

The Cambridge Kisser
By Kate Hill - 4,830 Words (November, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 5)
“An unconventional barber and a cop on the trail of an attacker fall in love during The Great Depression.”

The Collections Of Bethlehem
By Trace Edward Zaber - 3,938 Words (February, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 2)
“In the wake of General Sherman’s infamous March To The Sea, how much can one lonely woman bear?”

The Crater
By Kenneth Robbins - 3,937 Words (November, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 5)
“In 1864, when a Federal private is sent into the ‘Crater’ at Petersburg, Virginia, to investigate the damage inflicted on the Confederates, he discovers a world unlike any he has ever envisioned.”

By Larry D. Griffin - 3,944 Words (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
“A story of love set in early 20th-Century America.”

Esprit De Corps
By Trace Edward Zaber - 4,966 Words (March, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 3)
“In an America on the brink of war, a nervous young Northern actress, about to make her stage debut, discovers more than professional support in the eyes of a Southern actor.”

Father Would Be So Proud
By Trace Edward Zaber - 1,488 Words (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
“Today I died.”

A Fine Madness
By Jesse F. Knight - 6,505 Words (February, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 2)
“The story of one man’s audacious attempt to free Marie Antoinette from the guillotine.”

First Command
By Dr. Bob Rich - 3,000 Words (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
“The Vikings feared no one, except for the people they called “Trolls.” Only four feet tall, the Little People were the best warriors in the world. Women and men, old and young, all could fight to defend the weak, and to protect the Mother’s creations. When Norsemen decided to settle in Gaul, the locals called on their little allies. One of them was only 20 years old, yet found himself with his first command . . .”

Flower Lay
By John M. Taylor, Jr. - 2,420 Words (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
“When the roadbed was surveyed in the mid-twentieth century for the I-75 bypass around Tampa, Florida, at a site called Harney Flats, more than a thousand artifacts were recovered and cataloged. Most were estimated to be about 10,000-8,000 years old, shaped from native flint. Two rocks, however, of a type not indigenous to the area and shaped as axe heads, were found cached together. No pyrite was listed in the find. Perhaps this is how the two strange rocks came to Florida.”

From Laughter To Tears
By Leah Henke - 1,693 Words (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
“On a Good Friday evening in 1865, a young wife and mother becomes an unwitting witness to tragedy.”

Golden Dreams
By Sharon Watson - 1,695 Words (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
“The 1890s. Western Australia is home to one of the greatest gold rushes in history, but when Paddy Hannan roared into Coolgardie shouting news of the biggest gold strike ever, not everyone greeted him with joy.”

Irish Lace
By Regina Phelps - 1,659 Words (January, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 1)
“She stood there trembling as a frosty November sun dawned. It cast a silver brilliance that sparkled and reflected off a crystal necklace she’d nailed to the window frame forty years ago.”

Joie De Vivre
By Trace Edward Zaber - 1,314 Words (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
“The name of the plantation bore an ironic twist—Joie De Vivre; Joy Of Loving.”

The Lady Of Loneville
By N. C. Anderson - 1,459 Words (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
“Abigail Ross lost her husband to the Texas Rangers, and now, against her approvel, her son Luke is pinning on the Star. Captain Sam Carver would give anything to know what Abby seems to be waiting and looking for when she studies the faces in Loneville. He knows she is unhappy with him for helping Luke join the Rangers, and she has a way of making him extremely nervous.”

Lord Bless My Poor Soul
By Greg Seitz- 7,125 Words (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
“Some 150 years ago a strange mystery unfurled concerning a Great Man of Letters which is still unsolved today. Perhaps the truth is available somewhere if only the gods of chance allow someone to stumble upon it. ”

The Lotus Pool
By Jean Adams - 3,000 Words (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
“Nofret is a princess, Kenamun a common soldier, but they love each other and now they have incurred the wrath of Pharoah. Must they die for their forbidden love?”

The Making Of A Champion
By Dr. Bob Rich - 2,973 Words (Spring, 2000 : Vol. 3, Number 1)
“It was lucky for the village that David chose to stay, for the slavers struck that night...”

Marble Floor
By Robert LeBlanc - 7,863 Words (Spring, 2000 : Vol. 3, Number 1)
“Seven cowled men stood in a circle at the foot of the altar, the twisting light of offertory candles glanced demonically from their half-hidden faces.”

My Father’s Gift
By Liz Palmer - 1,214 Words (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
“The story of one young man’s need to maintain his father’s reputation.”

Oh, Don't You Cry For Me
By Jesse F. Knight - 10,000 Words (January, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 1)
“Two children face greed, danger, and death during the height of the California Gold Rush.”

On The Fringe
By Guilford Barton - 4,941 Words (Spring, 2000 : Vol. 3, Number 1)
“A WWII fighter-pilot with a penchant for golf finds more than he bargained for on the Scottish moors.”

Playing With The Big Boys
By Rachel Hullett - 4,883 Words (July, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 1)
“It all came down to one question: Could she live with Racetrack Higgins?”

The Purple Sea
By Steve Aman - 2,160 Words (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
“A captain’s obsession leads to his friend’s horror as he comes face-to-face with the possible origins of the sea monster myth.”

Rendezvous Of ’29
By William Wolpert - 4,795 Words (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
“It was a different sort of man who roamed the Rocky Mountains in the Shining Times of the fur trade era, 1820 to 1840. As in all periods of history, some of the players on this vast and rugged stage were a bit younger than most. Lonn Conner, Free Trapper, was one of these.”

The Scent Of Gardenias
By K. G. McAbee - 1,967 Words (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
“A sad romantic tale of old Savannah in the 1840s.”

By Marcia Colpan - 2,458 Words (March, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 3)
“Occasionally a small act of kindness has the power to change a life.”

Spirits & Tales
By M. E. Welch - 4,272 Words (January, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 1)
“A fictional account of Ernest Hemmingway’s first days in Key West.”

To Capture A Perfect Wave
By Jesse F. Knight - 7,204 Words (July, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 1)
“Whoever said the best ghost stories are set in England? Here is a poetic tale of love, death, and love again set in the 1900s on the California Coast—John Steinbeck country seen from an entirely different perspective.”

By Charles Langley - 796 Words (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
“I’m gonna tell you right now this is a humorous story. Effen I don’t do that you might not know it’s funny. Then you would write and tell me my facts ain’t on straight. I’ll say this jest one time. One man’s facts is another man’s sheepdip.”

By K. A. Corlett - 1,630 Words (Spring, 2000 : Vol. 3, Number 1)
“How she hated swords. Where they moved, death followed, and more swords, in an endless continuum of blood and thunder.”

The Tree
By Valerie Nicholls - 3,701 Words (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
“An elderly widow relates to her grandson the tale of her days as a New Zealand land girl during World War II, when she fell in love with his grandfather. Can the grandson, who inherited from both her and her husband a unique and special gift, truly understand its significance?”

By Angela Contino Donshes - 2,286 Words (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
“A story based on the Mafia vendetta murder of the author’s uncle in “Little Italy” that made newspaper headlines...and had far-reaching consequences.”

The Wall
By Alex Gough - 1,486 Words (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
“A new recruit in the Roman army has to face the hardships of life on Hadrian’s Wall, and separation from the girl he loves.”

Where Will We Bury Them?
By Mark Mellon - 7,976 Words (July, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 1)
“A Red Army division tries to invade Finland, but is trapped and slowly chewed to pieces.”

A Winter’s Tale
By Yvette Viets Flaten - 6,625 Words (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
“A Chantfable—a old-worldly blend of story-telling and verse.”

Wisteria Bozomheave Is Exiled To Europe By Her Papa To Prevent Her Marriage To A Gentleman Of The Northern Persuasion
By K. G. McAbee - 2,513 Words (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
“‘Miss,’ gasped Smithers, ‘the pirates will ravish you before they ask for ransom.’

‘Really?’ asked Wisteria, tapping the handle of her parasol thoughtfully on a nearby cannon. She carefully went over her wardrobe in her mind; she could not recall anything suitable for a ravishment. One would think that she would have learned something about the necessities of journeying and the proper toilette by now.”

Wisteria Bozomheave Meets The Love Of Her Life
By K. G. McAbee - 3,965 Words (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
“The Cobbler Cotillion was in full swing. ‘Unhand her at once,’ shouted the colonel, ‘or by the Almighty I’ll show you how we handle Yankees in South Carolina.’ A gasp of shock and surprise went about the room at the dreaded word. Old ladies fainted and young girls flew into hysterics, while from the veranda, just to Wisteria’s left through the tall windows, there could be heard the sounds of birds dropping from the sky and horses in the distant stables neighing in fright.”

Wisteria Bozomheave Receives A Shock In Paris
By K.G. McAbee & P.M. McAbee - 2,382 Words (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
“‘My darling Mademoiselle Bozomheave, say you will share your life with me.’

Count Etienne Gerard Marie-Benedictine Drambuie was on his knees, one arm passionately outflung, the other pressed over the elegant embroidered waistcoat that covered his heart. At least, he thought that his heart lay in that general area, though his advanced avoirdupois prevented him from being quite certain. He was well aware, however, of what a charming sight he must be, and twisted slightly to make sure Wisteria got the full effect.

Wisteria yawned. When would supper be ready?”

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