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Planet Cellophane

You Have Just Landed On

Look around - Is Planet Cellophane everything you ever thought it would be and more?

Did you ever think you would make it here?

Do you care?

Well I care and it is MY homepage, so


So this is my little corner of the Universe... or the WWW... or whatever. The whole "Cellophane" thing is kind of a long story, but it has followed me throughout my entire online history (ok shut up I know I'm a dork) so I figured if it has made it this far, I probably shouldn't abandon it now. Wow I need to shut up and get on with my story...

Well my story starts in good old Pekin, Illinois, and it is awfully freaking boring so we're just going to skip right on to the semi-present. Planet Cellophane is actually located in the city of Orlando, Florida, which is where my escape from The Republic of White Trashistan (a.k.a. Pekin, IL) brought me. Since I have lived here, I've squeezed quite a bit ino a few short months. I worked at Winn Dixie for approximately 5 weeks, Planet Hollywood for 7 months (I can pick some winners, no?), Walt Disney World/Disney's MGM Studios for 4 months (I was Buzz Lightyear... how many people can say they were Buzz Lightyear?), and Old Navy for 2 months. I did, however, hold a job for almost the entire year 2000 where I specialized in kicking needy families and old ladies out of their homes when they couldn't pay. Isn't life wonderful?? Now I do this webpage testing job dealing with internet solutions for credit card companies and such... "I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it..."Powered by WildCard Systems

And a recent picture of yours truly...
And another if you click...

So if you are on this Planet, you must have done your Internet research to find me. Well if you found it through AOL, then you must have spoken to my alter ego, Chicken Booo.

Well maybe you didn't get here through AOL. Some people get here through Slight variation on the Chicken there, though: he's listed under "ChickNB00."

Or maybe you were referred by one Eric Burke, my strange yet similar-to-myself pal from back yonder. He showed me the true light and taught me the secret of the existing Universe... which is that there is no force greater than Thunderpuss.

The only other one who might have shown you Planet Cellophane would be Nicholas Brown, a boy who was around for the birth of the Cellophane and still makes the occasional visit to the Planet.

As for that cute picture of the Chicken above, there's a couple others that are not quite so cute... like the Chicken when he was drunk (Amanda will KILL me for that one), or when he was a fat dork in high school. Or how about the one where he has a soda can sticking out of his mouth. Or as a blond. But he has his better days too... lately he's been making a few attempts to get buff and shake that fat dork image... and it looks as though they might be working!!! (OK so that last one should have been in with the bad pictures, but I kinda like it so deal with it)

So enough about you, let's talk some more about me. Physically, I'm a pretty normal guy. I stand about five feet eight inches tall, which I guess is pretty normal. I dunno, as guys go it's somewhat short, but I don't really care so whatever. That's is my brown hair up there next to my blue eye. All the ladies want me, but it's not gonna happen. Unless the lady is Britney Spears. Then it might happen. So my interests? Club music. I listen to it at the club (obviously), in my car, at work, in my living room... it never stops! Thunderpuss (see above), Hex Hector (a.k.a. HQ2), Johnny Vicious, Jonathan Peters (has a couple good ones), Junior Vasquez, (not my favorite, but like Jonathan Peters - a few good ones here and there)... I so need them to survive!!! OK that's a little drastic, but you get the point... And not to beat a dead horse, but I did get the opportunity to have a rather lengthy conversation with Chris Cox (for those of you who don't get it (or just don't care), Chris Cox is 1/2 half of Thunderpuss (whom we will call "TP2K" for now)) and let me just tell you... every bit as great in person!!!! OK I promise that the rest of this page is TP2K-free (unless I can think of anything else)...

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