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Hope In Action

Charles J. Sahs School

Teacher: Mrs. Cheryl Valek

Welcome to my website. I post my curriculum and important dates on my website and general class happenings on my blog which is linked on the school web site. If you ever have a comment or question, you can contact me below at my e-mail address.

  • Fourth Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Sixth Grade
  • Seventh Grade
  • Eighth Grade

    Fourth and Fifth Grade H.O.P.E.:

    September-Learning about Good Character

    October-Drug Prevention

    November-Conflict Resolution

    December-Your Body

    January-Germ Education

    February-Dental Health

    March-Nutrition Education

    April-Environmental Education

    May-Careers in Health

    Sixth Grade H.O.P.E-Second Quarter:

    Relationship Skills

    Drug Prevention Education

    Conflict Resolution

    Body Unit

    Environmental Education

    Sex Education

    Seventh Grade H.O.P.E.-3rd Quarter:

    Relationship and Leadership Skills

    Drug Prevention Education

    Conflict Resolution

    Body Unit

    Career Education

    Sex Education

    Eighth Grade H.O.P.E.-First Quarter:

    Career Education and Space Camp

    Drug Prevention Education

    Mental Health Education

    Child Development and Parenting

    Sex Education

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