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David Lynch on Jack Nance's Death

Jack died after he was punched in the head by a couple of strangers in a doughnut shop.I suppose 53 is a young age to die, but he didn't think he'd make it that long, and neither did any of his friends. He spoke his mind and had a dry wit - he often got into trouble. I would imagine that he antagonised the guys who attacked him. When he got home he said he had the worst headache he'd ever had in his life, and that he probably deserved it. He knew he'd started something. There's not another actor I can think of who could fill his shoes. I had roles in my head for future films that I was saving for Jack. I cannot think of anyone else who could do it.

David Lynch

Jack Nance, who played the lovable buffoon Pete Martell on Twin Peaks, has been sorely missed since his untimely passing. He was cast in memorable roles in "Blue Velvet," "Fire Walk With Me," and many other David Lynch projects. Perhaps his most memorable role was in the movie "Eraserhead," in which he starred with his ex-wife, Catherine Coulson, who played the Log Lady in Twin Peaks. Jack Nance . . .we love you. You will remain in our hearts and our memories forever.

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