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This site was re-created on October 30, 1999
By: Torie Shadow

Last updated: 5-15-00

This site is for WoD players and storytellers.

The unavoidable disclaimer

~*~ A personal Welcome from Torie Shadow~*~

A brief word
Don't forget to Sumbit your Vampire for the Vamp of the Month. Also you may have recently noticed some format changes, i.e. Those snazzy tables on the clan and discpline indexes. I am trying to get this site a little better organized, before I fill in those pages with little content, i.e. Sanguines. I am updating as swiftly as I can, which is turning out to be rather slow.
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"...and no there's no one left to argue, 'cause there's no one left to blame, and this silence is just causing me to get more and more deranged"

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