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Vampire of the Month ~SUBMIT~

The damned souls of the night, forced to walk the earth in eternal darkness.
They prey on the blood of those they once were.
They hide in the shadows, being puppetiers for the mortal world.
Control, power, srength, and knowledge they seek to posses at level unimaginable to the general public.
Some of them meet final death along the way.
Others succede where most fail.
There are the Kindred that in unlife have made the grandest achievments, and here in the Shadowland, they are properly acknowledged.



Zayin Shiva is the Vampire of the Month for may. Here is just one reason for her getting this award.
On April 28, 1999 (game time) Zayin used her Visscitude powers to inlay steel plates under her ghouls skin, providing him with armour. She also implanted a large razor blade into his head, making a silver mohawk. After this alteration, she killed him and threw him into the back of her truck. She drove off into the streets of New Orleans, with the corpse uncovered. She was soon pulled over, arrested, and taken into custody. She made a small hole in the metal grating that seperated the front cab from the back seat. She grabed the drivers head and crushed it into the steal grate. The car went wild, the impact of the wreck killing the other officer. Zayin was trapped inside crumpled patrol car. Winter, Tac, and Cizer pryed a hole open, so Zayin could squeeze out before more cops showed up. Needless to say, She learned something for once. Congratulations Zayin.


When making a submission simpley include the following information:
Name Clan Sect
Why they should get the award
You can submit your personal character or someone elses, If your character becomes a Vampire of the Month/Week Your character will be kept in the Vampire Hell of Fame in the Shadowland. You will also be notified by E-mail. If you would also like to send a picture, I will post it with the information you send.

Thank you for making a submission and keep them coming in!

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