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CZFSHOP: High Noon Holsters

HIGH NOON HOLSTERS have been producing some very nice CZ holsters for some time now. I've always admired their Horsehide offerings, and can now show their TOPLESS model for the 97B. Basically a Topless pancake holster crafted out of Horsehide with a natural finish. The holster is high riding and very stable on a Ranger belt. The Topless has heavy stitching and is first class all the way. Unlike a cowhide holster, there is virtually NO break-in period for Horsehide holsters. My sample holster provided a secure platform for the biggest of all CZs, but allowed a smooth and rapid draw. While it was a perfect fit for the CZ .45, my 10mm Witness worked well too. My new UNDERTAKER rig ( Thanks, Michael!) fits my RAMI and CZ-P01 perfectly. Superb crafstmanship and attention to detail by the best bet in CZ (or others) holsters on the market today. Nice prices and fast shipping..BE sure to CZech out HIGH NOON and their fine line of products!Ask for a full-color Catalog:)

TOPLESS Horsehide-97B
TOPLESS Horsehide-Witness