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The CZ-ZONE: High Noon Holsters

As a CZ owner for more than 20 years now. I've come to expect, or rather demand, high-performance from products with economy pricing. Like my first CZ75 and all that have followed thru the years. The HIGH NOON LEATHER Under Armor shoulder rig has lived up to my expectations, and more. First encountering High Noon a few years ago when CZF was first growing...that was probably in 2000 or 2001. I was and remain very pleased with their Topless model holster in a natural colored horsehide for the 97B. The same holster fit my Witness 10mm and also saw a lot of use with that pistol. Like today, I was impressed back then with the quality and craftsmanship of their products, and the fact that I didn't have a long waited as associated with custom leather. A couple years later. I purchased a double shoulder rig called the Undertaker in black leather for my lady friend's Glock 19. Soon finding that it would also fit my CZs, the P-01 and RAMI were often worn it it. Again, super quality without a huge price tag and no long waiting period. With the goal of the CZF STAFF and at CZ-ZONE being to present and evaluate products of interest or those that might be suitable for CZ owners. Myself , Dave and Hakan, are always on the lookout for new items. As January 2007 approached. I was eagerly awaiting the SHOT SHOW reports and wanting to cruise websites in search of CZ goodies. After SHOT.. One of those companies that caught my eye was CRIMSON TRACE and their entry into CZ land with Lasergrips, the other was HIGH NOON and a sweet looking shoulder rig. I was intrigued by the fact that their Under Armor shoulder system was synthetic, and only cost a mere $69.95. That seemed a real bargain for folks who like shoulder rigs and a low asking price. Making a request for a Sample rig, I specified that it be for a CZ100 pistol. A new CZ that I was to be picking up from CZ-USA, along with a 75B Stainless model. Thanks, to Scott and Michael at High Noon, the Under Armor arrived within 4 days..over a week ago, but no CZ100 as of yet. I soon found that this system fit my RAMI and pre-B CZ75 that wears a CT Lasergrip. I have been wearing the Under Armor since then on a daily basis. The construction of the Under Armor is quite simple, but effective. There seems to be no stitching, except at the top of the holster pouch..and that is only two lines of the black thread, running horizontal to the screws and swivels that attatch the harness straps.Stitching that is both even and very strong looking. The rest of the hoster uses screws in strategic areas to keep the system together, which includes the double mag pouch that has no stitching present. The mag pouch has two snaps for each magazine cell, and will accept most magazines from those of a CZ75 and the shorter RAMI versions..up to those of the Witness 10mm and even the large Glocks.There are also adjustment screws on the mag pouch as well as the holster pouch for desired tension. Looking at the the harness and X style support center. The straps are a smooth black with the undersides slightly rougher. They intersect to a support center (plastic) that looks like and X with rivets holding each strap in place. This sits directly in the center as you put on the rig and even with the big and heavy 10mm Witness and like mags, is still quite comfortable. There is a metal reinforced thumbreak, but unlike leather..this one will not stretch or wear out with use. As you might well have noticed.This shoulder rig fits all of my CZs, and even the bigger Witness. Michael, told me that this particular rig would fit the CZ100 and All Glock pistols. There doesn't seem much to be lacking with this economy priced, but high performance shoulder rig. Being one who has worn a shoulder rig in the rain. I do feel that this synthetic rig offers some advantage there. Faster drying and no possible chance of black dye running all over your clothes. As I type this with my hakanized RAMI and two spare mags under my arms.. Should you be looking for a good way to carry your CZ or other pistol and not wanting to spend over $100 on a shoulder rig. Or currently use such a rig and want to try out High Noon's offering. Czech out the larger pics..and give the website a visit. I do think the Under Armor might be for you!