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About Me

'Tis me

About Me:
I am 18, even though to most I look like I'm twelve (hence "Are You Twelve?" below). I have been a Christian for almost fourteen years (read my testimony), and I am learning more every day. Nearing the end of 1999 I started writing devotions for this awesome Christian group known as the Jesus Phreaks (or OurGodReigns) - that has been an awesome experience all-together.
I just finished up my freshman year at North Idaho College and I am majoring in Nursing. In Fall of 2002 I plan to move down Boise and attend Boise State University where I plan to get my Bachlors of Science.
For all of my life I have had a love for the written word - I loved the way a person could paint a picture with description as an artist with paint. I began writing poetry, song lyrics, and stories - I also finished a novel that I hope to one day get published.

Are You Twelve?
#1 My friend Brittany and I were going to TacoBell for lunch, we walked in looking at the menu and the guy working there (who must have been at oldest 15) asked, "are you two twelve?"
#2 It's one of those yearly things - for kids to go around and sell candy to earn money for their school. My dad had bought some (we all love chocolate), and when it came time for it to be brought to us, my mom was busy, and my dad wasn't home. So I, being the daughter that I am, decided to pull out my checkbook and pay for it myself. As I was writing the check the kid asked, "Don't you need your mom's signature on that?" I must have looked shocked. "No, it's my checking account." The kid was shocked himself, "how old are you?" "Seventeen." "Wow!"
#3 My two friends, Jerry & Luke, were talking about guessing a woman's age. Their theory stated: "You figure she looks so old, then subtract five years, and there you have it." But then they both looked across the table at me simotaniously (was this planned) and said, "that would mean Nikky would be...?" They laughed. I guess I foiled their plans and disproved their whole theory. But then they modified it, "but it only works on people over twenty-five."

Purpose of my website
With all I've seen in the past few years, there is no way I could say that miracles are a thing of the past. God still works miracles, and we need to trust that. We need to expect a miracle. But, we also need to rejoice in each cercomstance, and open the way for God to move through it. That is why this webpage is here - as a reminder for us all to expect a miracle.

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I have some funny "Idaho" sayings and thought you might enjoy them. Hey, these could be bumper stickers!

I'll add more as soon as I can.