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Photo Album

Way back when... (1983-1984)
My baby picture
Me covered in Peanut Butter at age 1

Various Family Pics (1998-2000)
Me in September of '98
August & Jonathan
Me & August
I don't even know how old this is
David and his friend Joey riding a pig
David & His fish (check out more here)
Sittin' on the couch
It's Ben!
It's Jon - you should be able to figure out what he's doing!
It's David - between the two of them... (really good pic)
It's me!
Just having fun!
Attack! - I love this one!
John & Dede
Lisa-Michelle & Andy
Gondola ride
The Car
It's kind of obvious
Frightening, isn't it?
David with antlers
David with a rose
Another pic of David with a rose
Jonathan with a rose
My 17th Birthday

With Granny & Pa (her great-gradparents)
With my parents (her grandparents) and August
With her daddy Rob
Before and After Jasmine was born
Lisa-Michelle showing off her tummy
Jon deciding to do the same
Lil' Cutie
My bug!
With her mom
With her Dad

More of Jasmine
Such a doll!
At a year old, walking
Jasmine giggling
Jasmine looking cute (as always)
Jasmine dancing
Jasmine singing

Me with glasses
This is me beating David & Jon at an eating contest (it was our Thanksgiving dinner at church)
Mom & Dad
Isn't he cute? - He's one of the many we've found
In the height of fashion

Christmas 2000
I'm a Star!
David w/his cowboy book!
Me hugging Papa
Me displaying a gift
August the Jester
Jon the Joker

New Pics (2001)
Jasmine w/her daddy
Lisa-Michelle & Andy
Can I have some please mommy?
Ooo.. thanks!
Let's play daddy
What does this button do?
Jassy w/daddy
Jassy up close
Who said that?
Jassy w/Grammy
I love you Grandpa

Graduation Pics (2000)
Me in Cap & Gown
With my certificate (the fake one)
Afterwards with the cake
Quite mature for a graduate don't you think?

Sandy's Visit (1999)
Sandy & August
Sandy, August & me
Ben & Sandy
Jon, Ivy, August, Sandy, David

Brittany's Visit (1999)
Brittany -- David -- Me
Can you tell we only had an hour of sleep the night before?
Eating (as we always are)

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