Disappearing Legacy:
Old Barns of the West

A Photographic Documentary of classic & ancient barns

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Moulton Barn
Moulton Barn

Ola Mountain Barn
Homer Beal's Barn

Barn Grand Tetons photo
Barn, Grand Tetons



Vida Goat Barn photo
Vida Barn and Goats

Monida barn photo
Monida Barn

Sheep shack barn photo
Sheep Shack



Long Barn photo
Long Barn

Frosted Haunted House
Haunted by Frost

Frosted barn photo
Placerville, ID



Boise Barn photograph
Boise Barn

Hagerman Barn
Hagerman Barn

Meridian Great Barn
Meridian Great Barn


Barn Photography Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Own a piece of American barn history! Purchasing info

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