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Wildlife, Critters & Bugs

All images © Ken Levy

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Bison Calf Photograph

Bison calf


Young Fox near Den
Young Fox



Frog, Japanese Garden
Frog between the storms
Grizzly Bear 399 with cubs
Grizzly Bear 399 with 3 cubs

Swan photo

Swan & Baby (cygnet)



Moose munch mouth

Moose mouths willows

Horse Roundup

Montana Roundup

Moose munch mouth

Bighorn sheep duo



Newborn Mt Goat
Newborn Mountain Goat
Pronghorn Romance, Lamar Valley
Pronghorn Romance

Bull Moose

Bull Moose



Moose Brunch
Double Crested Cormorant
Double Crested Cormorant
Bull Elk
Bull Elk


baby porcupine picture
Baby porcupine
Bumblebee on Crocus
Bee on Crocus
Trumpeter Swan Photograph, Yellowstone National Park
Trumpeter Swan
Yellowstone National Park



2 Bull Moose photo, Snake River

Two Bull Moose
Snake River
Sheep Photograph, Teton Canyon, Wyoming
Teton Canyon, Wyoming

Bull Elk Photo

Bull Elk in rut




Thread-Waisted Wasp

Butterfly on Zinnia Photo

Butterfly "skipper" on zinnia
Butterfly Photograph
Summer Butterfly




Wood Duck Photo

Wood Duck, Idaho

Goose Family Portrait

Goose & Goslings

Moose munch mouth

Canada Goose Portrait




Bee and Pollen Photo

Bee gathers crocus pollen

Trap door spider photo

Trap Door Spider

Katydid Photograph

Katydid Dinner

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All Photos and Content © Ken Levy