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Saturday, June 26, 9:15 PM EDT
(Sunday, June 27, 7:00 AM Nepal Time)

Mark called from a hotel in Dahran where he and the other PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) have been staying. He described Dahran as an affluent city with many restaurants and cheap prices (which are haggled over, quite unlike American restaurants). He had a nice dinner for $1.50.

Dahran is in southeast Nepal, in the Terai (tropical region), where it's very hot and wet -- "as bad as Florida ever was." (Mark spent one year living in St. Petersburg, FL when he worked for Andersen Consulting.)

Later on the day Mark called (June 27), he and two other PCVs were to go into the village of Shanti Nagar, where they would meet their Host Families. They will live with their Host Families throughout the upcoming three months of training. On Thursdays and Fridays during the training period, the PCVs will return to Dahran.

It took 15 days for our first letter to reach him. When asked what we could send, he said he could use anything that is waterproof or water tight; his papers are soaked.

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